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Splash's Photo Gallery:

Eighteen to Nineteen Months

Splash at the beach Splash at the dog park
April 10/00: Splash waiting for me to throw the bumper! April 10/00: Splash at the dog park

Splash playing in the lake Splash resting at the park
April 10/00: Splash playing around in Okanagan Lake April 10/00: Splash taking a rest break at the dog park

Splash April/00
April/00: What happend to all that coat??? Once again, Splash is naked! (18 months)

Splash Easter/00
April/00: Splash pretending she is the Easter Bunny!

Splash and Sammi at a match Splash and Cayenne
April 30/00: Splash and Sammi at a sanction match June/00: Splash and Cayenne

Splash earned her CGC
May/00: Splash earned her Canine Good Citizen award!!!

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