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Splash's Photo Gallery:

Twenty Months

Splash tolling some ducks
June/00: Splash tolling in a family of Mallards in Okanagan Lake...these ducks swam right up to her and would not leave her alone!

Splash in the meadow Splash on the stump
June/00: A long hike through a meadow... June/00: ...and miles of forest trails

Splash on a log Splash in the stream
June/00: Still in the forest, where Splash likes to pose on fallen logs! June/00: We've reached the stream...the green slimy pond is just around the bend...

Splash in the pond Splash in the pond Splash in the pond
June/00:Now where did my stick land.... June/00: I think I smell it over here... June/00: I found it, I found it!!!!

Splash on the grooming table Splash on the table
June/00: Splash on my grooming table at work...wishing she had hair! June/00: Still on the table...and still wishing for hair!

Splash on the picnic table Splash on the veranda
June/00: Splash and Sammi on the picnic table at the dog park June/00: Finally, the hair is starting to grow..really, it is! LOL

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