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Soda finishes her Ch with a Best of Breed
Ch. Tollwest Soda Quacker CD AG.N ADC CGC

(Ch. Beinnbhreagh's Jalna's Finish x Ch. Tosser's Makin Waves CD AG.X SMADC CGC)
Born November 5 2001

    Soda finishing her CD Soda (Ch. Tollwest Soda Quacker CD AG.N ADC CGC, 1/7 MADC) is my pick puppy from Splash's second litter and is my first Toller with black pigment. She may look sweet & innocent but she is really a little brat, she was always the "bad" puppy in the litter. Always escaping the whelping box and puppy pen, when she was not climbing over the top she was simply just removing the bars from the pen! Another favorite activity was attacking pant legs, slippers, shoes, and people's ears and noses! On Christmas Day 2001 (at 7 weeks) she earned the nicknames "Bin Laden" and "Evil" after terrorizing everybody at my mom's house, then finishing off by attaching herself to my mom's ear :)

    Thankfully, she has grown out of the worst of her "evil" behaviors. Now 2 years old, she is a lot easier to live with, although still a little brat sometimes! She is very social and outgoing, she is not the least bit shy and loves everybody! She loves to be held and cuddled, and especially enjoys snuggling in bed with me under the covers.

    Soda at 6 months, her first trip to the lake! Soda has been working mainly on her agility skills, where she is showing outstanding potential! She has already attended several public agility demos, where she performed wonderfully, as well as a few fun matches. Her agility trial debut was in July, and she finished her AG.N title easily, qualifying on each of the 4 Novice courses she ran. In Sept, she competed in her first AAC agility trial, and picked up a Q & first place in Starters Standard, Starters Gamblers & Starters Snooker. In October she attended her second AAC trial and qualified in 5 out of 7 runs! She had 1st place in 6 out of 7, with the other being a close 2nd place. That weekend she picked up Q's in Starters Jumpers, Starters Gamblers, Starters Standard (2 Q's which finished her ADC title) and got to move up to Advanced for her final run of the weekend, which was Advanced Snooker. She had a beautiful smooth clean run, making it all the way through the closing with time to spare. She has tons of enthusiasm and believes that the faster you go, the better, so I really get a good workout when I run her!

    Soda's new CGC title!

    Soda made her obedience debut in May 2003 and did extremely well, picking up a CGC plus two CD legs, all in one day! 2 months later she made another trip into the ring and brought home her final CD leg, along with a 4th in class! We may try for an American CD in 2004, and are currently in training for our CDX.

    We've also done some field training. She is very birdy (loves her pigeons!) and has tremendous water courage and only her second-ever trip to the lake (at 7 months old) she was out-swimming Cayenne to the bumper almost every time!

    Soda is 17.75" tall and 33 lbs. She has black pigment, dark brown eyes, white feet, white chest, a tiny white tailtip and a few white hairs on her chin, and an easy-care shorter length coat with moderate feathering.

    Soda winning her class at the National! Her conformation debut was in May 2002, where she took Best of Breed and Group 3rd at her first sanction match, and a week later took Best Puppy In Breed at her first official show. She took another Best Puppy in Breed and 2 Reserve Winners in September. She has been going through a somewhat gangly stage over the last several months! Despite the ganglies, she recently picked up her first Championship point on May 19 2003, followed by a winning streak in June of Best of Breed the first day, Winners Bitch the second day, and Best of Winners the third day! In July she went to the National Specialty and took home 1st place in Canadian Bred, then a few weeks later made another trip into the show ring and won a 2 pt Winners Bitch the first day, and a 3 pt Best of Breed the next to finish her Ch at just under 20 months old!

    Soda was born and raised on BARF, with both her parents also being BARF fed! Soda is Optigen pattern B by birth (A-C parents). She has a current CERF exam, and her hips are OVC certified. Her first litter was born in December 2003, bred to Multi Ch Beinnbhreagh's Great Pleasure. Her next litter is planned for fall/winter 2004.

Soda's Pedigree

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Soda is owned and bred by:
Lisa Porter (Tollwest Kennels)
Kelowna, BC, Canada

Best Viewed With a Toller!
Proud to be B.A.R.F. fed!

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