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Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

Ruckus at 16 months old
Tollwest Raw Raisin A Ruckus

(Ch Pikkinokka's Seaside Mistral x Ch Tosser's Makin Waves CD, AG.N, ADC, CGC)
Born April 18 2001

    Ruckus at 16 months Ruckus (formerly Raisin) was a very energetic, high-drive, confident and bratty little puppy right from birth. She was born "raisin' a ruckus", when she came into this world several hours after I though Splash had finished delivering...and she was born kicking and screaming! So you can see how she got her name! She was the first one to escape the whelping box, always the first to climb into my lap or come when I called them.

    She has the least white markings in the litter and a shorter, more moderate coat than the rest, with a coppery-red color. She has a gorgeous head with dark pink nose, beautiful angulation, good topline, solid bone with tight, compact feet and a nice long tail. And the white markings aren't that bad... she has no white on her face (except a tiny bit of white on her chin), but she does have white on her chest, white toes on all 4 feet, and a tiny white tail tip. Oh yeah, she has very cute little red freckles on her white toes, too! She is a small girl, about 16.25" at 16 months old.

    Ruckus is very intelligent and started learning agility obstacles at only 5 weeks old with the puppy-sized equipment I made. She learned to go through the collapsed tunnel in less than 5 minutes, happily rans across the little teeter-totter, jumped over the 2 inch jumps, through the tire jump and pipe tunnel, and climbed up and down assorted ramps and steps, she even slid down a little slide! She also attended a few puppy classes with me.

    She really liked birds right from the start and is a maniac retriever. She is especially CRAZY about frisbees (she gets that from her father!). She is also learning quickly about the joys of water, she loves the wading pool, mud puddles, water buckets, and any other source of water, she has also already learned to attack the hose! At 11 weeks old, she made her first trip to the lake and showed no hesitation.... she dove right in and swam like a fish, she was even leaping off the steep bank into the water like the big dogs!

    Ruckus is now owned by Anne Lawson of Vancouver BC. Anne is training Ruckus in basic obedience and musical freestyle (dancing with dogs!) and hopes to continue with Ruckus's agility training in the future.

    Ruckus was born and raised on BARF, with both her parents also being BARF fed!

Raisin Ruckus's Pedigree

Raisin More Pictures of Ruckus

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Ruckus was bred by:
Lisa Porter (Tollwest Kennels)
Kelowna, BC, Canada

Best Viewed With a Toller!
Proud to be B.A.R.F. fed!

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