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Splash's Photo Gallery:

Nine to Twelve Months

Splash and Montana July/99 Splash, Sammi and Cotton the bunny July/99
July/99: Splash cuddling with Montana (9 months) July/99: With Sammi and Cotton the rabbit

Splash and Sammi July/99 Splash at Arlington Lake Aug/99 Splash & Kaylee Aug/99
July/99: Splash and Sammi taking a nap Aug/99: First camping trip at Arlington Lake (10 months) Aug/99: Swimming in the pool with Kaylee

Splash is surfing! Aug/99 Splash and Sammi Aug/99
Look, its Little Surfer Girl! A quick nap with Sammi at Arlington Lake

Splash Sept/99 Splash Sept/99
Sept/99: One bored-looking pup! Sept/99: Looking very guilty about something...

Splash the ugly naked dog Sept/99
Sept/99:Eeek! Its an Ugly Naked Dog!(11 months)

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