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About Our Breeding Program

    I believe Tollers are a breed that should have it all....health, temperament, soundness, working ability and breed type. Any less, and you will never have the perfect dog. At Tollwest we've set very high goals for our breeding program. First and foremost is the production of healthy, sound puppies with ideal temperaments. Every breeding is done with the goal of producing top quality show dogs that possess the ability to "work" as well. So whether your Toller is to be a show, obedience, agility, hunting or family dog, each litter is produced with the same goals in mind. I feel very strongly about having health clearances (OFA/OVC hips and CERF/Optigen eyes) on all dogs used for breeding. We do not use dogs in our breeding program that have any type of genetic defect or disorder, nor dogs that are not within the breed standard in any way.

    We produce litters only occasionally. They are whelped in our bedroom and live there for the first 2 weeks, then they move to a large pen in the kitchen and are raised "underfoot" until they are ready to go to their new homes at 9-10 weeks of age. Puppies are socialized with other dogs, cats and children, and are started on basic retrieving, obedience, crate-training and housebreaking. We perform puppy aptitude testing on all our puppies, prior to placing them in their new homes. We also stress proper socialization and training at an early age!

    At Tollwest, all our dogs are holistically raised and are fed on B.A.R.F. (Bones And Raw Foods)....we started feeding some raw foods in 1995 and went to 100% B.A.R.F. in 1997. We will never go back to kibble again! All our puppies are weaned onto the BARF diet for for optimum health, nutrition and development. We are very concerned about over-vaccination, and advocate a very limited vaccine protocol. Vaccination is an issue where more is not better! Please ask for more information.

    Our dogs are available to approved homes only and are sold with a comprehensive written sales contract/guarantee plus a lifetime of help, advice and assistance to all our puppy buyers! Puppies are tattooed/micro-chipped and registered with the Canadian Kennel Club. A puppy pack will also be included with food, toys and all the information you will need for that nervous first night with your new addition to the family.

    All puppies are sold on a CKC non-breeding agreement, if you wish to breed this can be lifted later only if the puppy passes all health clearances, obtains at least 2 titles, meets the breed standard and has a good temperament.

    If you would like to meet our dogs in person, visits to our home are welcomed, but are on an appointment only basis.

    Member of the NSDTR Club of Canada, NSDTR Club (USA), Canadian Kennel Club, Central Okanagan Dog Agility Club and Okanagan Dog Owners Association.

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